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Management Team

We the management team are very honoured to be leading such a fantastic, successful service.  We both hold a BA Hons in Early Childhood Studies and bring with us a wealth of knowledge and experience in the Childcare Field.  We love nothing more than to watch each child in our care grow as individuals and develop their own personalities.  We see Scoil Beag as one big family who like to have fun. So welcome to our world of adventure.

Love Catherine & Shauna xx

Scoil Beag Team

Meet our team, the right team for you and your child. Each staff member is continuously working towards maintaining the highest, professional, quality childcare service.   Our team members have an “eagle eye” and “a heart of gold” to ensure our environment is warm, friendly, stimulating and safe.

We pride ourselves on having magnificent staff which makes Scoil Beag the warm compassionate family that we are.  More than 50% of our team have been with us since first opening in 2007. The reason is simple. We cherish the children we care for and are rewarded every day by seeing them thrive and grow.

ECCE Scheme

The Early Childhood Care & Education (ECCE) programme is a universal free Pre-school programme available to all eligible children for 2 years before starting Primary School. The scheme is offered in early years settings for 3 hours a day, 5 days a week, 38 weeks of the year.

All children are entitled to 2 full academic years on the ECCE scheme.  Children are eligible to start the ECCE scheme in the September of the year that they turn 3 years old.  For example, a child turning 3 years old in 2022 can be registered on the ECCE scheme in September 2022.

For more information or to book your child on the scheme call us on 0429329862. Remember you’re never too early to put your child’s name on the booking register.

Community Childcare Subvention (CCS) Programme

We at Scoil Beag participate in the Community Childcare Subvention (CCS) Programme as we are a community Creche.

The CCS programme supports disadvantaged parents and provides support for parents in low paid employment and training or education by enabling qualifying parents to avail of reduced childcare costs.

 National Childcare Scheme

The National Childcare Scheme is a pathway to truly accessible, affordable, quality childcare. From October 2019 it replaced all previous targeted childcare programmes with a single, streamlined and user-friendly scheme to help parents meet the cost of quality childcare.

There are two types of subsidies under the National Childcare Scheme:

Universal Subsidies are available to all families with children under three years old. They are also available to families with children over three years who have not yet qualified for the free preschool programme (ECCE). This subsidy is not means tested and provides 50c per hour towards the cost of a registered childcare place for up to a maximum of 45 hours per week.

Income Assessed Subsidies are available to families with children aged between 24 weeks and 15 years. This subsidy is means tested and will be calculated based on your individual circumstances. Your rate will vary depending on your level of family income, your child’s age and educational stage, and the number of children in your family. The subsidy can be used towards the cost of a registered childcare place for up to a maximum of 45 hours if you are working, studying or training, or in circumstances where you are unavailable for childcare, and a maximum of 20 hours if you are not working, studying or training.

For more information please visit   www.ncs.gov.ie

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